After 10-years, Mug Skin Care is for sale. All assets, inventory social media, long-time established url's a natural products that are so good, we've never had one returned by an unsatisfied customer. Leader in hemp skin care since 2011. No reasonable offer refused for the right party (with health and beauty experience).

Skin Care Company for Sale

It's been a great run but the time has come to put Mug for Men up for sale! I will accept any reasonable offer from someone who has the ability and resources (and background/experience in this industry sector) to take it to the next level. Bottom line: NO reasonable offer will not be strongly considered.

- Inventory (and will provide continue providing product until your own supply/manufacturing chain can be established.
- Website and url's that have been in use and indexed since 2010
- Social media - Facebook 2.1K (mostly organic), Twitter 5,137 followers - Google page rank - Mens Hemp Skin Care #1, Mug Skin Care #1, Mens Antiwrinkle cream #13,
- Formula's and long-time established ingredient manufactures
- Amazon business account
- Labels, bottles and top
- Ongoing support and help until the time comes your are comfortable running it on your own
- Small customer contact base (237) that do buy

- Finally, in 10 years of business - we have NEVER had a product returned for a refund or a dissatisfied customer (or complaint). It is a testament to the quality, ingredients and caring that goes into everyone of our bottles.

NOTE: Current pricing is not at all reflective of what could be charged (even the non-sale price is on the low side) - it is a closeout sale to get rid of existing stock.

For more information call: 760-494-3669 (not monitored/answered so leave a message) or by email: [email protected]