The Startling Truth about Sunscreen

Posted by Administrator on 5/28/2016 to Men's Skin Care Opinion

As the creator of the most nutritious and natural men’s skin care products on the planet, I am continually asked why I don’t add sunscreen to my face creams. There is an important and logical answer that once you hear it, I hope it will keep you from being lured into a false sense of security when it comes to protection from the sun.
First, most sunscreen - other than the organic types like zinc oxide, are chemical mixtures. Mug for Men is about natural skin care and so I shy away from adding chemicals. What goes on your body is absorbed into it. Your skin has enough to do to defend against the stuff absorbed from your daily environment, why exacerbate the issue by adding more directly on your skin? That's just one reason I don’t add it to Mug for Men products.
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