Quick-fix Skin Care Products for Men – Do They Really Work?

Posted by on 12/2/2019 to Tips for Men's Skin Care

Quick-fix Skin Care Products for Men – Do They Really Work?

With all the ads running claiming amazing results in the elimination of bags and wrinkles, I always wonder, what do these people know I don’t when it comes to skin care and wrinkle reduction? Bags and lines under the eyes gone in seconds? Damn, I want that stuff. If it works better than Mug, I’ll sell that instead. 

So, I have tried some of these products in hopes (like everyone who orders them) that their claims were legit that wrinkles and bags disappear in seconds. I am happy to report that they do and they don’t… it depends on what you want, i.e., long-term benefits or quick, short-term fixes.

Instant Wrinkle Relief

The products claiming instant results like wrinkles disappearing in under a minute are for the most part, true.  The caveat is, that these results are temporary…like in hours – not days, as one would hope and maybe even expect when buying (which I never have seen the disclaimer: results are only temporary).

The No-wrinkle Date…

But for us guys, these products might be just what we need.  If you are going out on a date and use it prior to leaving, your wrinkles are gone!  Hopefully, as the evening wears on and your wrinkles start reappearing, she is getting a little tipsy, your charm is working and she doesn’t even notice you aging right before her very eyes.  You could always go into the bathroom and reapply a couple hours into the date. Why not, woman are in the bathroom doing a similar things like reapplying their makeup, so why can’t we do the same thing?  Because, we are men and we don’t do that shit. So, put it one once and hope for the best.

Quick Fixes vs. Long-term benefits -You Can Have Both!

Maybe it doesn’t have to be one or the other, but both.  Daily use of a products like Mug Skin Care that has long-term benefits and occasional use of these quick fix skin care products might be a good way to go.  Us guys need all the help we can get. Remember how much woman spend on their skin, don’t you think they want a man who does too…or at least looks like he does? 

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