Baby Boomers Aging Skin

Posted by Kevin Kenneth on 4/24/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Many of us guy boomers need 911 help in the skin aging department which usually means reaching for the latest and greatest miracle product to help us stop and turn back the aging clock (if we are reaching for anything at all to put on our skin).

For many male boomers, reaching for anything on the drug store shelf is the order of the day even though what they may be putting on their skin may require a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients.

The research shows what boomers are willing to pay to stay young looking. A recent market study by the firm Global Industry Analysts, found that todays baby-boomers are now (and will) drive the U.S. market for anti-aging products from around $80 billion ($20 billion for skin care) in today's market to more than $114 billion by 2015.

Not unlike me, most guys are skeptical (to the point of feeling like its a shell game) by skin care companies touting the latest and greatest fads in the wrinkle reduction and anti-aging snake oils. Even though our Silver Fox Face Rescue Cream has clinically proven wrinkle reducing peptides (and it has reduced my wrinkles), the thing is everyone's skin is different.

Take someone who has been using skin care regularly; that persons skin will react differently to our products than someone who never (or seldom) uses skin care products.

Last week I gave a buddy of mine some of our products to try. He told me he very rarely if ever uses skin care products. A few days later I saw him and I could tell the difference his skin look more vibrant and healthy looking. I said to him that it looks like he has been using our products because his skin looked more alive and he said he has had several people tell him the same thing. Had he been using decent skin care products, he may have not had such noticeable results.

Regardless of how noticeable or not one thing is for certain when using our products: just like taking a multivitamin, you may not see any results, but you know you are putting something that is healthy and good on your skin. The thing is, it doesn't stop with skin care.

It starts with taking care of your body as a whole. You cant expect your skin too look its best if you smoke two packs a day, guzzle beer, don't work out, and live off fast foods. There is no product on the market that can save you from your skin taking on the appearance of an old leather shoe that never saw a lick of polish. Stay Healthy My Friends. Kevin Kenneth

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