U.S. Farm Bill & The Hemp Urban Legend

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2013 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
I recently had a customer ask me what I thought was a funny question: Would using our Hemp Seed Oil based skin care products result in a positive test for marijuana? No, but that joint you’re smoking would. But all kidding aside, it is a legitimate question because the century old smear campaign on Hemp has been one of the great urban legends of all time.

When we started Mug for Men a few years back we knew we wanted to use Hemp as a basis for our products. This natural wonder-ingredient is one of the most powerful and misunderstood ingredients today. Hemp Seed Oil has an unsurpassed anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect on the skin. Its moisture properties, helps to heal skin lesions and alone, it contains anti-oxidants, carotene, phyto-sterols (stops the slowdown of collagen production and encourages now collagen production), phospholipids (which attract and retain water) as well as a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, iron, zinc, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E.

While hemp’s seedy (no pun intended) reputation has been around for almost three quarters of a century thanks to wealthy industrialists who wanted to replace hemp with their own products (wood and nylon), it has since been lumped together with its partying sister Marijuana and thus the wrongful stigma. But it’s hard to change a falsehood that has persisted for 75 years or so and I still get the can you test positive for marijuana using your products question? Here is the answer: the amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC in hemp is so small, it is estimated you would have to smoke an acre of weed – dozens of bushels to get a buzz and therefore (and unfortunately for some) you can’t get high on Mug products nor fail any drug test.

However, it is still illegal to grow in the U.S. due to one of two things: either our elected officials are dumb or corrupt…I think it is a lot of both and thankfully there are some politicians out there like Rand Paul’s Hemp Bill who care about our liberties and is actively working on lifting the ban on growing hemp.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

Kevin Kenneth

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