The Paraben Fairy Tale

Posted by Administrator on 1/7/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
The Skin Care Ingredient Dilemma…a.k.a. screw one goat. In one of the many skin care and beauty trade publications I receive monthly, one article stood out with me as we have similar opinion’s on the preservative called parabens and also what they did and didn’t do.

Unlike Mug however (never used parabens in our products) but they continued to use parabens (which is a preservative) in their products as the owner of the company, a doctor, went on a crusade to inform the public about parabens and the truth about the urban-medical myth about them and whether or not they are safe. Well, their sales continued to suffer as customers freaked-out .

Freaking out about something real is one thing, but just one flawed report and parabens were toast– (kind of like the old Polish story about the philanthropist who did all sort of wonderful things for his village - but screwed one goat). So, they reformulated their products and took out the parabens.

Now most people would think, well that was easy. Most people however, never manufactured a product, but it not just changing an ingredient(s) it’s finding a replacement that is the same or better for the same or lower price. Then you have to test it in conjunction with your other ingredients. There is the cost to change all the labels/bottles/brochures/website, etc. But they did that and that was that.

Mug For Men has a similar message issue about one of our ingredients called hemp. The difference is the paraben “fable” has only been around for less than a decade, while hemp’s false reputation has been around for almost three quarters of a century and was perpetrated by two names that may ring a bell Randolph Hearst and a guy named DuPont. The pretended that they cared about people’s health when it was more about the health of their bank accounts and holding that really mattered. Hearst owned many of the nation’s newspapers and hemp was in conflict with his lumber holdings (the first draft of the U.S. Constitution was written on hemp paper) and DuPont was just coming out with his new material called nylon that was a hemp replacement.

Don’t get me wrong – these guys were great American businessmen and that was a long time ago. Problem is, people have been lied to and dumbed down about hemp for 75 years or so and I still get – can you test positive for marijuana using your products? The amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC in hemp is so minute, it is estimated you would have to smoke an acre of weed – dozens of bushels to get a buzz.

So, know you can’t get high and there is no traceable amounts of THC in hemp, let alone in our hemp seed oil. One day people and the government will get a clue and stop the nonsense that permeates Washington D.C. and allow this unbelievable nutritious and environmentally friendly crop from being grown in the U.S..

Stay Healthy My Friends!
Kevin Kenneth

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