The Startling Truth about Sunscreen

Posted by Administrator on 5/28/2016 to Men's Skin Care Opinion

As the creator of the most nutritious and natural men’s skin care products on the planet, I am continually asked why I don’t add sunscreen to my face creams. There is an important and logical answer that once you hear it, I hope it will keep you from being lured into a false sense of security when it comes to protection from the sun.
First, most sunscreen - other than the organic types like zinc oxide, are chemical mixtures. Mug for Men is about natural skin care and so I shy away from adding chemicals. What goes on your body is absorbed into it. Your skin has enough to do to defend against the stuff absorbed from your daily environment, why exacerbate the issue by adding more directly on your skin? That's just one reason I don’t add it to Mug for Men products.

Why Foxy Lady?

Posted by Administrator on 8/17/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Ever since we launched our almost award winning Silver Fox Face Rescue Cream, women have been bugging me to formulate one for them. My answer was this...

Avoiding High Blood Pressure Misdiagnosis

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Well, I had my second dermatology body scan since my basil cell carcinoma diagnosis in 2009 and I am good to go. The doctor said it usually comes back within 2-4 years but little did he know about Mug For Men’s Skin Care magic.

Baby Boomers Aging Skin

Posted by Kevin Kenneth on 4/24/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Many of us guy boomers need 911 help in the skin aging department which usually means reaching for the latest and greatest miracle product to help us stop and turn back the aging clock (if we are reaching for anything at all to put on our skin).

For many of us, reaching for anything on the drug store shelf is the order of the day even though what they may be putting on their skin may require a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients.

The Paraben Fairy Tale

Posted by Administrator on 1/7/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
The Skin Care Ingredient Dilemma…a.k.a. screw one goat. In one of the many skin care and beauty trade publications I receive monthly, one article stood out with me as we have similar opinion’s on the preservative called parabens and also what they did and didn’t do.

Skin Care, Health Care and Obamacare…Avoiding the Pitfalls

Posted by Administrator on 10/23/2013 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
With all the hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing and overall disdain for The Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) by many Americans, I figure the best way to not be part of the new government health care system (or any health care system) is to stay healthy and out of the damn thing. That includes keeping your skin healthy too.

U.S. Farm Bill & The Hemp Urban Legend

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2013 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
I recently had a customer ask me what I thought was a funny question: Would using our Hemp Seed Oil based skin care products result in a positive test for marijuana? No, but that joint you’re smoking would. But all kidding aside, it is a legitimate question because the century old smear campaign on Hemp has been one of the great urban legends of all time.

Baseball, Steroids and Skin Lightening

Posted by Kevin Kenneth on 4/1/2011 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Our newest member to the Mug line-up is Skin Lightening Cream for all you dudes who want to look white…and we are coming out with a tanning product for all you white dudes who want to look dark. We thank you for your desires to look how ever you damn well please.
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