Is it time for a skin care workout change?

Posted by Kevin Kenneth on 2/28/2011
We believe that our nutrient rich products will give your skin a healthy, fresh look from what you are currently using.

But in good conscience, I will not tell you that using this is going to make you look younger and that the opposite (or same) sex will fall all over you (if that happens it probably because you got rid of the mullet).  But our product’s ingredients have reduced fine and deep lines on some, while others saw no noticeable improvement on the outside (but, they felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside). 

But just like the vitamins we ingested by the truckload over the years, we probably didn't feel anything from them (except if they contained a bunch of niacin, then we thought we may have mistakenly eaten a jalapeno pepper), but we knew that they were good for us as they worked behind the scenes to keep us healthy.

With 45 natural ingredients that target specific and overall skin health, I think Mug Skin Care products will replace your current skin care workout routine and give your skin the boost it's probably missing.




W Littooy
Date: 8/21/2011 10:22:00 AM
I've been using Mug for Men skin care products for about 6 months now and I can't believe how even my skin tone is and how my occasional breakouts have stopped completely! To prove this to my self further, I recently went on a 10-day vacation and forgot to pack Mug for Men. I used another product for cleansing and broke out. As soon as I got home I began using mug for men again and could not believe that with-in two days my breakout cleared up and healed - I was shocked and convinced that mug

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