Baseball, Steroids and Skin Lightening

Posted by Kevin Kenneth on 4/1/2011 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
No Steroids.... That's right, our Lighten Up! Lightening cream, contains no steroids so it is safe for professional ballplayers or others who wish to avoid the pitfalls of taking the evil “S”. Now onto important business... What do you think poses a bigger threat to the safety and welfare of the U.S.: steroids or Congress? If that question doesn’t keep you up at night, this will – should Congress do the right thing - based on their steroid hearings and all the trees that were wasted on this issue and make, yes make baseball roll back the home run record?

Roll it back to that time in which mere humans roamed the face of the earth and not deformed caveman looking creatures swinging large clubs. Congress to baseball: Roll it back to Hank Aaron’s record of 715 (and also use video technology and get the two stugotz’s out of the video of Hank rounding the bases) or we will put (or enforce) bad rules against you.

If you came here for skin care – stop reading this gossip and buy something, damn it.

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