Avoiding High Blood Pressure Misdiagnosis

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2014 to Men's Skin Care Opinion
Well, I had my second dermatology body scan since my basil cell carcinoma diagnosis in 2009 and I am good to go. The doctor said it usually comes back within 2-4 years but little did he know about Mug For Men’s Skin Care magic.

But there was one thing that struck me this time as I anxiously sat in the examining room waiting for the doctor. I was nervous to say the least. As the anxiety built in the waiting room and transcended to the examining room, what is the first thing the nurse always does as soon as you enter the room? They take your blood pressure. Now being a health freak – I know what my blood pressure is because I have a cuff to monitor it and check it every few months. Last time I took it was two weeks ago and it averaged 123 over 68. A damn good blood pressure for a guy in his 50’s if I do say so.

However, things turned out very differently when the nurse took it – 157 over 82. She said that is really high and I should see my primary care physician. I smiled and said I would.

Now anyone else would probably freak out, run to their doctor and get the same erroneous diagnosis and be thrust into the medical industrial complex. In fact, researchers at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach, California, estimate that 20 to 30 percent of patients diagnosed as hypertensive have normal blood pressure. Hell, just doing it right could probably safe our health care system (and patients billions).

Here is the problem with the cattle-call mentality of our healthcare system…get as many patients in and out of the office as possible even if it means sloppy work and incorrect diagnosis. The incorrect diagnosis isn’t even really a byproduct of high anxiety which will cause anyone’s blood pressure from shooting through the roof as much as it is health care “professionals” NOT following proper procedure, because had she followed the proper procedures then she would have had a much different reading.

Those “proper” procedures include: • Not eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes before being tested.
• Relax and remain still for 5 minutes in a comfortable surrounding (hard to do in a doctor’s office).
• Have the BP taken in the morning and just rolling up your sleeve is a no-no as it acts as a tourniquet.
• Take your pressure if possible, lying, sitting and standing.
• Make sure your elbow is at the same level as your heart – no telling how many false reading are due to your elbow.
• Have your blood pressure taken three times with a minute wait between.

For the medical profession it is a lot easier to do it wrong (while making more money) and write a prescription for high blood pressure, require regular doctor’s visits to monitor it, than it is to do it right. So, do yourself a favor, spend the $30-$60 for your own blood pressure monitoring kits and take control of your own health, possibly save wads of cash, and cut out the middleman that don’t always follow best practices.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

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